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Developing and application of Bright Bars

Every great pillar or building is made of great raw materials which ensures its durability and strength. If the raw materials are not of good quality, then the entire end result will be a disaster. For most of the construction works today, high quality bright bars are put into use to ensure high tensile strength and hence durability. Technically these are stell bars that are moulded into different geometrical shapes for different kinds of use. SS Engineering works have mastered the art of building with such bright bars and today they are counted among the best Round Bright Bar Manufacturer in India.

What are different kinds of Bright Bars?

Steel does not only is good for manufacturing purpose but also plays a vital role in a country’s economy. The bright steel bars are available in different grades to be used under different circumstances. The available grades include the likes of ASTM A 276, ASTM A314, ASTM A 582, ASTM A 484, ASTM A 476 among others. The grades vary with respect to their tolerance level, hardness, surface finish etc. According to their purpose and use, the shapes and dimensions can be moulded. Therefore, the size range of such finished products varies drastically. Multiple uses of bright bars.

SS Engineering Works are among number 1 Round Bright Bar Manufacturer that make use of such materials under different tasks. Some of the applications of these bright bars are listed below:

  1. Making of fastener products – Usually stainless-steel round bars are used in the production of fastener products including nuts, bolts, pins etc. The size of the same could range from micro to mega ones based on their customisation or application.
  2. Production of different tools – Most of the hardcore tools used by technicians and mechanics are built out of round bright bars
  3. Developing components for machines – Many machine parts are designed out of bright bars in different shapes depending upon their application and use
  4. Production of rails and trellis – Mostly square, round and flat bright bars are used for production of fences or rails and even staircases
  5. Automobile industry – Bright bars found a wide range of application in various automobiles especially in production of chassis and frames. Different kinds of bright bars are used in the process

Bright Bars developing process

Bright bars are stainless stell products which is developed out of wire rod coils or hot rolled bars by a process known as cold drawing, and peeling. The Cold Drawing process includes different stages of procuring raw material, then drawing it over the bar through the die. This die is used to reduce the diameter while increasing the length of the bar. The outcome is a cold drawn bar which has a polished finish. Another process is that of peeling the raw materials where bars are fed by feeding rollers which enhances its tolerance higher than the drawn bars. Ultimately the finished products are drawn in different grades and dimensions to be used under different applications.

Bright Bars are used under different manufacturing process and hence it should be procured in the right manner using good quality raw materials.