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All about Bright Bars

Bright Bars are manufacturing units which are basically stell made bars used in manufacturing process especially in automobiles. Bright bars are made out of steels of different grades. Steel has been widely used and accepted in different industries for manufacturing process as it is stable and durable. The dimension and attributes of these bright bars make it vulnerable to be used for different processes. They are available in different dimensions and shapes like round, squares, flats etc. The most popular and in demand bright bars is that made of stainless stell in round shape.

Bright bar manufacturers in India

SS Engineering Works is an ISO certified company that has been registered in the year 1968. The company has a vast experience and expertise in production of bright steel bars of all grades. They are one of the Best Bright Bar manufacturers in Haryana that delivers completed products to different parts of the country. With an experience of more than 54 years, the company has been known to produce and export high quality end products. The entire manufacturing unit works in a systematic manner that ensures that quality check is done right from procurement of raw materials to final delivery of the end product to the client. The retention rate is quite appreciable.

Different applications of Bright Bars

Stainless Steel Bright bars find wide range of applications in different industries. Basically, they are used in manufacturing sector. Of the many available applications, some of the major uses of these bright bars are as follows:

  1. 1: Manufacturing of fastener products like nuts, bolts, pins etc. In these cases, usually round bright bars are used and they can be moulded in small dimensions as well depending on the need
  2. 2: Manufacturing of tools used by mechanics and technicians in desired customisable shapes and sizes
  3. 3: Engineering sector found wide range of applications for these bright bars as they are high in tensile strength
  4. 4: In railways, these bright bars can be used for manufacturing of trellis, fences and rails. Usually square, round and flat bars are used for such purpose
  5. 5: In automobiles, frames, chassis are built using these bars
  6. 6: Bright bars are widely used for agricultural tools, military equipments as well as hospitality sector
  7. 7: Oil, mining as well as textile industry too is no left behind in using these modernized bright bars

Manufacturing of Bright Bars

The basic raw materials used in the production of bright bars is black bars which is obtained by melting of the raw materials. The process used in the welding is called cold drawing process where the raw materials is first cooled down to room temperature and then undergoes further moulding process like annealing, turning, grinding, polishing and further. The final product is finished in required dimensions and sizes. The final product is high in tolerance level, durability and anti-corrosive. Basically the 3 steps involved in the production are as follows:

  1. • Rolling of raw materials
  2. • Cold Drawing process of the raw materials
  3. • Achieving the final product by multiple secondary processes

Bright Bars are future of manufacturing industry as steel forms an integral part of the economy.